getting to blot

December 11, 2019 ☼ meta

As my previous post suggests, I had thought all of my struggle to post here (while I’m in the base) would disappear with moving to blot. As you can tell from how long it took me, I was wrong.

I couldn’t install the Dropbox client due to some dependency issues, and using the web interface was a bit of pain. I also couldn’t install any terminal-like software (e.g. hyper) as I didn’t have a sudo privilege. A few weeks have gone by since then, but I’ve finally found a solution — and it was a simple one. These nice” Linux machines come with pre-installed VSCode, which can open up a terminal within the editor… It was that easy. I currently don’t have my two-factor backup code for my GitHub account (where I have my dotfiles) but this whole thing could work nicely.

So here I am. Pushing this post from this VSCode terminal. Ironic that I found out about this two days before my vacation… /smh.

Still, it’s progress.